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Enemy Territory Player Guide

Version: 0.8

This guide is only preliminary guide and assumes you're familiar with FPS games, willing to learn new tricks and willing to spend considerable amount of your time with your new hobby, Wolf:ET.

May be distributed freely under the terms of the GFDL.

  1. Introduction
    1. Purpose
  2. Basic knowledge for new ET player
    1. Zen of ET
    2. Pre-game preparations
    3. Keys
    4. Game basics
  3. Weapon info
    1. Weapon spread
    2. Weapon balance
  4. Tactics and common knowledge
  5. Class specific info & tactics
    1. Medic
    2. Field Ops
    3. Soldier
    4. CovOps
    5. Engineer
    6. Mining as Engineer
    7. Mine locations - Battery
    8. Mine locations - Goldrush
    9. Mine locations - Fueldump
    10. Mine locations - Oasis
    11. Mine locations - Radar
    12. Mine locations - Railgun
  6. Appendixes
    1. ET skill progress chart
    2. Glossary
    3. Changelog


What we have here? We have a new Quake3/Wolf derived game promising "grand" tactics and furious battling in the World War II environment. All wrapped in a package which reminds about TV-movies which came out in the sixties.

But, you must not be fooled. This is not a sneaky tactics game so much as you may think. This is not so far from Quake3 / original wolfenstein that you can't warp the physics. In fact, you could be quite a "fragger" if you know few basic things they didn't bother to write on official ET manual.

During following chapters, we will cover certain aspects which the ET manual never told you. By doing this we hope to increase the player base to the next level of awareness and create more even and fun challenge to all the participating players.

All claners should thank us as we remove slews of "newbie" players from their XP-counter and provide more skilled adversary to practice with.


Purpose of this guide is to develop you as player and give you idea of certain aspects of game that you never would have thought of by yourself.

Another purpose of this guide is to develop gamers to better meet new challenges they might face when entering in the internet gaming community.

Basic knowledge for new ET player

Zen of ET

This is more like Quake than you think.
Run, jump, shoot.
Wolf:ET got certain weapons which is better than others in most cases.
Wolf:ET got certain classes which are way better than others.
Wolf:ET got such physics that you can jump around & dodge attacks.
Quake? At least you have rockets.

Pre-game Preparations

Read ET manual, but don't pick up any bad habits while you're doing it.

Read terminology from guide glossary below if you don't understand certain words.

Remember: Moving and jumping makes more than half of your combat success. Move fast and jump a lot.


Pick controls you are familiar with, the ones that are hardcoded in your spine.

You need at least:

  • Jump button located on the mouse.
  • Spring button in a *easily* accessible place where you can press< it *and move at same time* during fire fights.
  • Use-button to pick up weapons from ground.

Preferably no weapon autoswitch/load or such which spoils your combat maneuver when it decides to do it while you're changing weapons to another (this will prevent you to change weapon to another).

Basic skills

Next, some very basic tactics/skills which will differentiate you from the rest of the average gamers. Read them over again and again.

Moving: move all the time.
Don't stand still even when you don't see the enemy.
This prevents most of the stupid "lucky" shots which will damage/kill you.

Jumping: jump all the time.
Jump so much that you get "hang of it".
This also prevents bad headshots and most landmine damage.

Crouching: you usually don't want to crouch as it won't help your accuracy. You want to jump instead.

Sprinting, sprint meter bar: this goes empty when jumping, but you might prefer to jump instead just sprinting. Use sprint key in close combat at the same time when moving, it helps you a lot. It makes you win. See downhill jumping and strafejumping.

Hardware: to play well, you need good hardware where you feel that game runs smootly. If you feel that you lack something, your efficiency is limited. This "sport" needs also good equipment like any other ones do.

Map learning: Start your own server (not a internet one) and run around doing the objectives in warm-up mode until you know what they are. Look around and learn the maps until you know them by heart.

Mobile MG: Press prone, press secondary key.

Mortar: Numbers are in degrees, 90 is directly up. Degrees meter is absolute when mortar is planted to downhill. Example: -5 degrees angle can be used from fueldump axis MG tower top.

Artillery: as fieldops, select binoculars, fire when the charge bar is full.

Airstrike: as fieldops, select the can-like object and throw. Throw these near spawns just as players are spawned to their next logical advancement direction.

Pistol: pressing the fire button very fast gives you more shots. In some cases Luger is better than MP40.

Weapon changing after clip is empty: Remove auto-load/auto-weapon change. When the main weapon is nearly empty and you have damaged your opponent a lot, change to pistol.

Akimbo-pistols: At light weapons level 4, go to the limbo menu, look at weapons, select [1] (pistols), select akimbo pistols.

Changing spawn: Go to the limbo menu, you see flags on the map. Click on a flag.

Teamdoors: cov ops can open "teamdoors" when disguised (doors which are only accessibleby another team).


Keep away from Sten and snipers until you know what you're doing.

Double pistols: light weapons level 4 (Double Luger/Colt is better than MP40/Thompson as you can deal lot of damage in short amount).

FG42: somewhat ok, average damage, but you run out of clip quickly when you spray. This also needs Cov Ops Breath Control to snipe effectively. You can use "zoom, quick shot, zoom off" after you learn it.

Flamer: select narrow tunnel as camp place or go for spawn fragging. You need to be smart enough to back up for cover/medkits when the situation gets too hot.

K43/Garand: got average damage and riflegrenades. With riflegrenades you can frag most opponents easily. Practice and learn how use them. Normal mode is more like Quake3 railgun point&kill weapon, but with far smaller damage. Riflegrenade is your best friend after you learn to use it.

Knife: only useful from the backside, but more advanced players will move so you don't get them with this.

Mobile MG: you need to know the map well before you use this. Find spots where most of the enemies will try to rush through, preferably narrow hallways.

Mortar: learn coordinates of popular grouping areas and spawns by heart. Do this by looking at quick command map while firing.

MP40: You need more skill with MP40 than Thompson. You're targetting to head instead whole body and you must learn to shoot accurately. This is mostly for middle range fights, so change to Thompson if you go close. You need to aim for the head. Headshots will make more damage.

Panzerfaust: try to get 2 or more at once. You can do this near spawns or lurking near popular walking routes.

Sniper: if you got a mousewheel, use it to zoom in. Go get those headshots. This benefits from Cov Ops Breath Control dramatically, but you don't necessarily need it.

Thompson: best all around close combat weapon, you can compare this to M4 in CounterStrike or M4 in AQ2. It's so damn American, so it must be good. Always pick Thompson if you intend to go in close firefight.

Weapon spread

You must get level 3 light weapon 35% reduction to weapon spread as soon as possible. This is done by killing enemies with light gun, great practice. Note that enemy gets this advantage first, they will kill you more and more often.

Weapon balance

Thompson/MP40 damage ratio: 9:7 (or 9:6)
FG42 damage is around 7-8 compared to these numbers, but spread is rather high.

This is a rough estimate of how you will manage with certain weapons, from best to worse ones:

Close range:
Panzer (aim at the ground)
MP40 (use headshots) / FG42 / Sten

Medium range:
Panzer / FG42 potshots (zoom, shoot, zoom off)
MG42 (use leading, smaller lead for women & children)

Long range:

"Tactics" and common knowledge

These "secret" tactics will help you to battle against more knowledgeable opponents. You will learn these tactics during game by yourself.

Airstrike: throw near spawns, like axis spawn in fuel dump. This will give more frags than airsupport fire, but needs more consideration and targetting.

Artillery fire: use artillery continuously near spawn door or important quest-item (bridgehead construct box, tank) or narrow corridors which is the only way in and out of an area. Anyone that goes near them is gibbed.

Corner whoring: this old tactic requires one corner, any corner will do. Camp behind corner and use it as cover when you're fired upon. You can use circular movement to check if anyone is coming to you. Footsteps are also essential here. You definately want a surprise-element where you can shoot first. If you have bad ping (you're laggy), press fire button before you actually step around the corner. This can be combined with retreating to next corner if you're wounded.

Cov ops corpse looting for XP: get a uniform, shoot, get another uniform, shoot, get third uniform... Do this until you have Breath Control.

Cov ops mine reporting: use binoculars and wiggle your mouse at any potential mining spot. Press fire-button if you find a mine. Try to cover most of the area.

Disguised cov ops spotting: Turn Crosshair Name Drawing on from ET Options/View-menu. Look your teammates extended periods when you suspect there might be disguised cov ops around. Wiggling mouse around them might help. Name & health bar will disappear momentarily when you look at enemy. Also people acting funnily might be cov ops (they try to hide from you or run to "wrong direction").

Downhill jumping: jumping when going downhill gives you more speed.

(F)lamer: you need to camp narrow corridors. Get improved dexterity (better movement-speed with weapon equipped) first with panzerfaust.

Gibbing/shooting corpses: medic can't revive corpses if they are gibbed (blown to pieces) or shot until they die.

Medkit throwing to self: you can heal about 80-160 points of damage easily by throwing medkits to yourself. Throw kits in front of you and run&jump all the time.

Mortar: mortar is rather tricky at first. Degrees meter is absolute, so it shows real firing angle in downhills and such. You need practice to use mortar, also you need quick command map bound on button where you can view it all the time while firing.
Memorize which coordinates lead to where. Learn to target spawn or spawn area if you don't have better targets. If you want just to frag, avoid this like hell, but mortar is one of funniest weapons in the game.

Panzerfaust: panzerfaust is a *must* for a good defence. You gib enemies so the medic can't revive them.

Revive: revive later on rises fallen teammates with full health, so it's a cheat in itself. Revive as much as you can. It's a somewhat common tactic to kill teammates with very low hp just to revive them back to full hp. See gibbing.

Revive invulnerability: Revived characters have invulnerability for 2-3 seconds, so you can "hide" behind them. This also allows grenade "jumps" and such if needed. Well-timed revives allow players to survive airstrikes.

Sniping: When you snipe, aim on the target and shoot as fast you can. Don't wait aim meter to fill up if you have target in your sights. With FG42 it might be easier to snipe fast, but you have to score lot of hits.

Spawns: Most spawns are placed in open places/beyond narrow tunnel so use a lot of airstrikes near the spawn entrance. You can also mortar the spawn entrance.

Spawning / spawn capturing: Use visible spawn counter and time your actions according that. When you spawn, move immedialitely to use your "spawn invulnerability" (lasts about 3 secs) for your advantage.

Weapon running by swapping to new weapon: Swap your weapon with desired weapon on the ground continuously. You can run behind corners with both weapons. This is sometimes very useful, e.g. as soldier with panzerfaust and flamethrower.

Classes Medic

Medic is THE best class along with fieldops if you go for frags. Your team only needs the necessary classes to complete goals and the rest of them can be medics.

Medic is almost a cheat if you use some kind of intelligent gaming strategy. You can heal yourself in the middle of firefights and head then back to battle.

Get improved charge bar usage as soon as possibly by reviving teammates and throwing medikits around.

Full revive: you revive your teammates to full health. Note that you can shoot your teammate which is in low health and revive him to full without spending any of your medikits. With adrenaline needle spare your medikits whenever you can.

Adrenaline self: Press twice needle-button. This makes you move quite well, give you damage reduction (halved damage) AND don't forget that you actually have more than 340 HP if you count your charging medkits. You also can run through mine fields (jump to take even less damage).

On higher levels, engage enemy whenever possible by rushing and killing & go back to heal & rush again. You can forget being "familiar teammedic" at this point, use revive and throw away medikits, but don't stand idle, just rush. Use adrenaline needle always when you have change to do so.

You see a lot of "elite" clan dudes playing medic, as it's the easiest class to score well besides field ops.

Field ops

Field ops is another great class to score XP with. Attack like mad, time your suicide runs around respawns and spam airstrikes and artillery in the breaks. Go for mass frags with airstrike/artillery if map allows that. To be really lethal, pair up with a medic. Go first and let medic finish up enemy and revive you.


As soldier you mainly use panzerfaust or mobile MG to get skills up. Note: DON'T use Thompson/MP40 unless you pick it up from ground as you're more efficient as fieldops with machinegun.

Mortar: Mortaring is fun if you do it right. To track impact points assign a button to quick command map and press it while you fire.

Cov ops

You may like to snipe if you want. You may also go for satchel charge traps around spawn. Usually cov ops are mostly for "fun" gaming unless they're needed to open certain teamdoor. One (one, not two or more) sniper can be really beneficial in some maps and situations.

Sten: you might keep your disguise when using Sten. Play around and see how it works.

Cov ops spotting: other players can spot cover ops even if you are disguised. Select places where you won't encounter so much other players and move fast when you have to pass enemies.


Riflegrenade: learn how to hit with riflegrenade. Lot of players say it's "newbie" weapon, which means it's very good and easy to use. With practice you can shoot most of your opponents from behind corners.

Dynamite planting: plant several dynamites before arming them if you have high level of XP.

Dynamite traps: planting extra dynamites near walking routes will give you extra frags & in addition you usually gib enemies (no revive).

MG-fixing: by destroying flagged MG with your teammate and then fixing the MG gives you some skill points.

Run fixing: You can run around the tank and get it fixed.

Mines: Use mines in common walking routes (think what routes you usually use to get from Point A to Point B).

Mining as engineer, some mining locations:

Subconscious message: .LUFESU syawla si NWAPS raen GNINIM

Best mining location: use your common sense. Do not waste mines. Just to emphasize, do NOT waste mines. You can only use so many mines and mines never killing anyone is a big waste.
Note that after you find a "good" mining place you probably get several players by mining it again and again as players tend to stick with their decisions to use only "fastest" route.

General notes: all locations near main objectives and spawns will have some potential to be "good" spots.

Note: MINING near SPAWN is always USEFUL.



  • near ramp
  • at beach near MG/uphill ramp
  • narrow path leading to bunker and back door


  • narrow path leading to bunker and back door

Fuel Dump:


  • path to axis command post from adhoc bridge
  • near allied bridge construction
  • near allied command post back door (including corner of building)
  • near closest tunnel entrance to axis base
  • near axis base wall hole between boxes
  • near central building second entrance at west side
  • fuel dump fence mining won't work against better opponents


  • axis base team door before door is blown
  • near both axis spawns
  • near tank route to wall hole
  • near allied command post (where your teammates can see them)



  • near truck (between it and wall is good)
  • near entrance to bank
  • med/ammo resources near barrier #1
  • some special street spots where you can place mines (test)
  • use your common sense


  • side streets to prevent rushers
  • med/ammo resources near barrier #1
  • entrances to axis second spawn
  • tank barrier construction spots (use axis spawn side)



  • old city wall (allied target)
  • oil well pumps
  • allied route to 2-way building/tunnel
  • route through tunnel (use "shortest distance" thinking to determine enemy route)


  • way out from axis base spawn
  • way to tunnel from axis side



  • secondary bunker door (door which needs to be blown)
  • primary bunker door (not much time to mine it)
  • around vehicle, main entrance to axis secondary area
  • back side of secondary bunker near stairs
  • "corners" which are likely to be used (top of the hill in the usual walking path to radar)
  • radars (not so useful as mines are easy to avoid and miss)


  • secondary bunker spawn stairs in axis side
  • near axis spawn (backdoors)



  • path from depot spawn to axis spawn
  • near track switch and middle MG
  • near bunker entrances
  • most routes which allied use to rush axis spawn (common sense)


  • track switch
  • near axis spawn
  • depot spawn

Appendix A: ET skill progress chart

This is trimmed down from ET manual experience chart.

You got 7 different XP trees, more XP gives advantages. Each XP tree got 4 levels. XP is also the score system.

  • Level 1: 20 xp
  • Level 2: 50 xp
  • Level 3: 90 xp
  • Level 4: 140 xp

Light Weapons:
  Use small arms and unscoped rifles, all classes.
  You get 3xp for a grenade kill, legshot, armshot or bodyshot
  and 5xp for a headshot.

  Level 1: One extra clip at respawn.
  Level 2: 35% faster reload.
  Level 3: Less weapon spread. 50% less with pistol, and 35% with SMG.
  Level 4: Akimbo pistols (as secondary).

Battle sense:
  Survive combat, all classes.
  You get 2xp per 30 secs by dealing some damage, 5xp per 30 seconds by
  both taking and dealing damage and 8xp if you kill and receive damage.

  Level 1: Binoculars.
  Level 2: Increased stamina recharge rate by 160%.
  Level 3: 15 more health points.
  Level 4: Spot enemy landmines.

Heavy Weapons:
  Kill with heavy weapons, all classes.
  You get 3xp killing with stationary MG nests, MG42, Panzerfaust,
  Flamethrower or mortar.

  Level 1: 33% less power-drain firing mortar and panzerfaust.
  Level 2: MG cools down at twice the normal rate.
  Level 3: Less speed penalty when carrying heavy weapons.
  Level 4: Get Thompson/MP40 instead of pistol.

First aid:
  Use the medic abilities, medic only.
  You get 1xp when giving someone a health pack and 4xp when reviving

  Level 1: Extra ammo clip and grenade.
  Level 2: 2 more max syringes, 2 extra on spawn 
           and medipack goes down from 25% power drain to 15%.
  Level 3: Revive with full health.
  Level 4: Adrealin, a 10 sec effect where damage is reduced by 50% and stamina
           won't decrease. To equip, press the special weapon (5 default) key twice.

  Use the engineer abilities, engineer only.
  You get 3xp for repairing a vehicle or MG, 5xp for objectives taking 
  50% power (MG nest), 7,5xp for objectives taking 100% power (tank), 
  10xp for destroying an objective.

  You get 3xp for a rifle grande kill, 4xp for a land mine/dynamite 
  kill,  4xp for defusing enemy landmines and 6xp for defusing enemy 

  Level 1: Four extra rifle grenade rounds/hand grenades.
  Level 2: Defuse land mines and dynamites in half the time.
  Level 3: 33% less power drain when repairing, construction, 
           setting landmines and dynamites.
  Level 4: Flak jacket. 50% damage deflection from explosive weapons.

  Spam artillery/airstrikes and supply teammates with ammo packs. Field 
ops class only.  You get 1xp for giving an ammo pack, 3xp for every 
airstrike kill, 4xp for   artillery kills and 5xp for destroying an 
objective with artillery/airstrikes.

  Level 1: Your ammo packs got an extra magazine clip,
           power drain down from 25% to 15%.
  Level 2: Calling airstrikes/artillery only takes 66% of the power.
  Level 3: Airstrike bombs twice as long, artillery strike hits twice.
  Level 4: You can identify disguised enemy covert ops by placing your 
           crosshair at them, getting a "disguised enemy" prompt.
           Their location shows on the command map.

Covert operations:
  Sabotage, kill with scoped weapons and report battlefield 
  intelligence.  You get 3xp for spotted land mines, 5xp for disguising, 
  5xp for satchel charge kills and 7xp when using a satchel charge to 
  destroy an objective.

  Level 1: Ammo packs got one extra clip of ammo.
  Level 2: Smoke grenades and satchel charges power drain reduced by 33%.
  Level 3: 50% reduction in recoil jump and weapon sway with scoped weapons.
  Level 4: Instantly kill someone with backstabs.
Appendix B: Terminology

camp, camper: (the person) guarding area without losing focus on the task at hand

elite, l33t: top performance, top of the class

frag: one kill

gib, gibbed: blown to bits, destroyed completely. See panzerfaust.

noob, n00b: new player, "newbie", usually used as to lament player's "skills".

own, ownage: someone / some group losing badly to another, usually opponent needs to be "owned" totally unless they realize the fact.

respawn: see spawn

rush, rushing: going as fast as possible to engage the enemy or seizing the objective.

skills: how well player performs in on-line game. In ET, usually ignorant people think score/XP is same as skills.

spawn: where players will start the game or be "re-born" after dying. Spawns are always good targets for fragging. Though it's polite not to "own" opponent totally and leave some room to breathe. But as it's said, "gaming experience may vary during on-line games".

strafejump: ancient AQ2-term for moving really fast by pressing strafebuttons while moving forward. Downhill jumping with timed sprinting resembles it a lot.

XP: in ET, experience points which is also "score". Also sum of things the player has learned about game.

Appendix C: Changelog

This section will describe major changes/additions after release and credit contributing persons.

  v0.8: Initial release to the large public.